Meet Iodeal Brands’ Staff

The Ajay-SQM Group has assembled some of the best, most experienced iodine talent in the industry. This staff of employees, many of whom have been with the group for 15 or more years, is dedicated to our business and our business is dedicated to yours. With a constant regard to the needs of our customers as well as stewardship of the environment in mind, our chemists work to develop and implement the cleanest and least-waste producing processes for each of the materials produced in the group – all while keeping costs as low as possible. Our iodine talent and expertise is unconditionally available to our customers for assistance with processes involving any of our products. Regardless of whether you are implementing a new process or having problems with an existing process, our staff is here as your Iodealâ„¢ iodine resource.

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Our Commitment

The company's goal is simple: to give valued customers peace of mind that the iodine products on which they bank the success of their companies have been given the utmost care and attention. Read more about our commitment to our products, our customers, and our environment here.