Hydrogen Polyiodide 57/43 Aqueous

Typical Uses & Applications
Chemical Industry

Reddish-black liquid.
Molecular Weight:
127.91 -HI, 253.8 – I2
C.A.S. Number:
10034-85-2 – HI, 7553-56-2 – I2, 7732-18-5 – H2O
EC Number
233-109-9 – HI, 231-442-4 – I2, 231-791-2 – H2O
Appearance: Reddish-black liquid
Assay (Free Iodine, I2): 56.5 – 57.5%
Identification: Pass test
Transportation Hazard Class:
Hydriodic Acid, Solution, 8, UN1787, II
25 kg to 350 kg drums. Weights per customer request.

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