Our Relationship With SQM
Jul 18 2019

Ever since our humble beginning in 1972, we have focused on manufacturing high quality iodine derivative products. What started off as an experiment in one of our founder’s kitchens has now grown to be the largest producer of iodine derivatives in the world. Today, we produce more than 70 derivatives and have the industries only dedicated team of chemists and engineers solely devoted to assisting you with your Research and Development needs. We are not a middleman or trading house, we proudly manufacture and distribute the products that we offer to the market.  Our strategically placed locations in the United States, Chile and France allow us to cover virtually any capacity imaginable and offers a fast turn-around from the time you place your order. For further peace of mind, every site of ours produces products with the same standards and specifications, you never have to worry about comparing specifications across our sites. Our methods of conducting business yield high quality products and allow you to focus on your customers—all without worrying about costly downtime due to products that are off spec.  

Our company grew rapidly from its beginning, and by 1995, our consumption of iodine increased to a point where iodine availability limited our growth. In an effort to secure a dependable source of iodine, Ajay Chemicals joint ventured with SQM, which produces the world’s largest supply of raw iodine. We are in the unique position of having a dedicated source of iodine, even in times of supply scarcity. Our relationship with SQM gives our customers a piece of mind knowing that their orders will be fulfilled and never turned down due to iodine availability. We believe in the seemingly simple, but not always common, practice of treating our customers as family and doing things the right way—the first time. Please contact us to see for yourself. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your IODEAL partner for your iodine needs. To learn more about SQM, please click here.

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Our Commitment

The company's goal is simple: to give valued customers peace of mind that the iodine products on which they bank the success of their companies have been given the utmost care and attention. Read more about our commitment to our products, our customers, and our environment here.