Featured Product: ETPPI
Jun 5 2016

Iodeal Brands, a part of the Ajay-Sqm Company, is proud to announce the release of a new product: Ethyl-TriPhenyl-Phosphonium Iodide. This product is also referred to by its acronym, ETPPI. Below is some basic information about this new product.

What is It?

ETPPI is a quaternary phosphonium salt that comes in the form of crystals or powder. It is typically off-white or pale yellow in color. With storage, it may turn more yellow. Iodeal Brands’ version of this product has a 98 percent minimum purity by assay and a moisture level of less than 0.25 percent.

Potential Uses

ETPPI can be used for a variety of purposes. It is most commonly used in the following specialized applications:

•The advancement or curing of thermosetting powder coatings
•The advancement or curing of phenolic-based epoxy resins
•As a phase transfer catalyst
•As a Wittig reagent

Properties and Benefits

ETPPI is highly soluble in polar solvents and in water. When compared to other similar compounds that may be used for some of the same purposes, ETPPI offers a lower odor, more controlled reactivity, better thermal stability and superior latency. Color formation is also minimal with ETPPI. In addition, ETPPI reduces or eliminates side reactions while allowing for straighter, longer chain epoxy molecules.

Handling and Storage

ETPPI may act as an irritant when in contact with the eyes and skin. When handling this product, individuals should wear rubberized gloves, chemical safety glasses and other protective clothing. This product should be handled only in areas with sufficient ventilation and electrically-grounded equipment. Do not smoke, eat or drink while handling this material or working near it. After working with ETPPI, individuals should dispose of outer garments, shower, wash their hands carefully and change into clean clothing.

This product should be stored within a UN-rated fiber drum an inner anti-static bag and a lever lock. It must be stored in a dry, cool area with adequate ventilation. ETPPI should be kept away from high temperatures and direct sunlight, as well as incompatible substances. Because empty containers may contain hazardous chemical residue, workers should follow the appropriate procedures when disposing of them.

Purchasing ETPPI from Iodeal Brands

ETPPI is currently available from Iodeal Brands in a 25 kg net weight drum. To learn more about purchasing this product from Iodeal Brands, please contact us directly for additional information or assistance with your order.

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