The Ajay-SQM Group’s Iodeal Brands is our commitment to provide the highest capacity, highest reliability, highest quality, and most convenient products in the marketplace. The Iodeal Brands also represent our commitment to provide these products in a manner that is safe for our employees, our customers’ employees, our community, and our planet. This commitment extends far beyond standardization of processes across our production sites, providing daily audits of production lines via safety coordinators in each site, and protecting our customers’ employees with comprehensive training in the handling our products. We also ensure that our production facilities run the cleanest, most environmentally friendly processes possible. In the end, our intent is to ensure that no wastes are distributed to the environment. Furthermore, we also consult with our customers frequently to assist with reclamation and disposal of waste streams produced by their processes using our products. This is an added method for us to ensure that this planet is left for our children in as good of shape as when it was inherited.

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The company's goal is simple: to give valued customers peace of mind that the iodine products on which they bank the success of their companies have been given the utmost care and attention. Read more about our commitment to our products, our customers, and our environment here.