Our Relationship With SQM
Jul 18 2019
Ever since our humble beginning in 1972, we have focused on manufacturing high quality iodine derivative products. What started off as an experiment...
News: Organic Dairy Industry Makes Iodine Discovery
Jun 22 2016
After dedicating two years to raising iodine levels in organic milk products, the United Kingdom's Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo)...
Featured Product: ETPPI
Jun 5 2016
Iodeal Brands, a part of the Ajay-Sqm Company, is proud to announce the release of a new product: Ethyl-TriPhenyl-Phosphonium Iodide. This product is...
Growing Market For Iodine: Optical Polarizing Films
Mar 26 2015
Iodine in LCD screens
Iodine in Optical Polarizing Films Most likely you have a television, computer, cell phone, or gaming device LCD screen in your home. LCD panels...

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The company's goal is simple: to give valued customers peace of mind that the iodine products on which they bank the success of their companies have been given the utmost care and attention. Read more about our commitment to our products, our customers, and our environment here.