What Robs You of Iodine?
Mar 14 2017
thyroid gland
The thyroid requires iodine in order to function properly. Unfortunately, some people suffer from an iodine deficiency, which can affect thyroid...
How Iodine is Used in Commercial Kitchens
Sep 14 2016
Iodine is routinely used for cleaning purposes in commercial kitchens. It is a well-known sanitizing agent and is commonly found among the supplies...
What Role Does Iodine Play in Radiation?
Aug 1 2016
Radiation exposure occurs when an individual comes into contact with radiation because of a bomb, proximity to a radiological exposure device or...
News: Organic Dairy Industry Makes Iodine Discovery
Jun 22 2016
After dedicating two years to raising iodine levels in organic milk products, the United Kingdom's Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo)...
Featured Product: ETPPI
Jun 5 2016
Iodeal Brands, a part of the Ajay-Sqm Company, is proud to announce the release of a new product: Ethyl-TriPhenyl-Phosphonium Iodide. This product is...
Iodine’s Important Role in Surgery
May 30 2016
iodine in surgery, knee surgery
Iodine compounds play an important role in the medical field. Because of their antimicrobial properties, these compounds are effective antiseptics....
High in Iodine: 5 Foods to Work into Your Diet
May 11 2016
high iodine foods
Food High in Iodine Believe it or not, humble iodine is one of the most important bodily nutrients. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t getting the...
The Truth about Iodine Allergies
May 2 2016
Is table salt enough for your body's need for iodine?
Although the importance of adequate iodine levels within the body is frequently ignored, without a sufficient iodine level, the thyroid has...
Predicted Growth in the Iodine Industry
Apr 30 2016
The iodine industry is growing world-wide.
Iodine Industry Growth The Global Iodine market is poised to grow at a CAGR of more than five percent by 2022. Ajay SQM Group, one of the top...
5 Questions About Thyroid Disorders
Apr 18 2016
Doctor checking out patient's thyroid as she thinks of questions
The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that is located in the lower part of your neck directly below the Adam's apple. Your thyroid gland is...

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