5 Ways Iodine Derivatives Are Used Everyday
Jan 18 2019
Iodine is one of the scarcest non-metallic elements found on Earth. Despite being a rare element, it is present in trace amounts all around us. Day...
What Robs You of Iodine?
Mar 14 2017
thyroid gland
The thyroid requires iodine in order to function properly. Unfortunately, some people suffer from an iodine deficiency, which can affect thyroid...
How Iodine is Used in Commercial Kitchens
Sep 14 2016
Iodine is routinely used for cleaning purposes in commercial kitchens. It is a well-known sanitizing agent and is commonly found among the supplies...
What Role Does Iodine Play in Radiation?
Aug 1 2016
Radiation exposure occurs when an individual comes into contact with radiation because of a bomb, proximity to a radiological exposure device or...
News: Organic Dairy Industry Makes Iodine Discovery
Jun 22 2016
After dedicating two years to raising iodine levels in organic milk products, the United Kingdom's Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo)...
Featured Product: ETPPI
Jun 5 2016
Iodeal Brands, a part of the Ajay-Sqm Company, is proud to announce the release of a new product: Ethyl-TriPhenyl-Phosphonium Iodide. This product is...
Iodine’s Important Role in Surgery
May 30 2016
iodine in surgery, knee surgery
Iodine compounds play an important role in the medical field. Because of their antimicrobial properties, these compounds are effective antiseptics....
High in Iodine: 5 Foods to Work into Your Diet
May 11 2016
high iodine foods
Food High in Iodine Believe it or not, humble iodine is one of the most important bodily nutrients. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t getting the...
The Truth about Iodine Allergies
May 2 2016
Is table salt enough for your body's need for iodine?
Although the importance of adequate iodine levels within the body is frequently ignored, without a sufficient iodine level, the thyroid has...
Predicted Growth in the Iodine Industry
Apr 30 2016
The iodine industry is growing world-wide.
Iodine Industry Growth The Global Iodine market is poised to grow at a CAGR of more than five percent by 2022. Ajay SQM Group, one of the top...
5 Questions About Thyroid Disorders
Apr 18 2016
Doctor checking out patient's thyroid as she thinks of questions
The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that is located in the lower part of your neck directly below the Adam's apple. Your thyroid gland is...
What To Do with a Chemistry Degree
Apr 4 2016
After obtaining your chemistry degree, here's what you can do.
Although research and practical science are common positions for a chemist, there are numerous other career opportunities available. If you have a...
How Elements are Named
Mar 21 2016
naming elements
Most words in any language develop organically over time. As people encounter new objects or ideas, they decide how they will refer to them when...
How Iodized Salt Made us Smarter
Mar 14 2016
iodized salt
In the early 1900s, table salt in the United States was iodized in order to ensure that all Americans consumed the iodine they needed to function...
5 Myths About Thyroid Health
Mar 7 2016
thryoid health, iodine in your thyroid
Persistent myths about thyroid health are common, even among doctors. Here are some of the most pervasive thyroid myths that confuse patients and...
Seventh Row of Periodic Table Fills as Four New Elements are Discovere...
Feb 22 2016
new elements discovered
New Element Discovery Scientists recently discovered four new elements, which will complete the seventh row of the periodic table. These elements...
The Importance of Preventing Iodine Deficiency in Pregnant Women
Feb 15 2016
iodine supplements for pregnant women
Iodine Deficiency in Pregnancy Before the 1920's, severe iodine deficiency was common in certain segments of the U.S. population. Iodine deficiency...
Year in Review: Top Scientific Discoveries in 2015
Feb 9 2016
top scientific discoveries 2015
From advancements in gene editing to diagnosing cancer with a blood test, in 2015, we saw some amazing scientific discoveries. Ajay-SQM and Iodeal...
How Iodine is Extracted From Caliche Ore
Jan 20 2016
iodine extraction from caliche ore
The process of extracting iodine from caliche ore is precise and must be followed carefully to ensure the extraction of pure, quality iodine. If...
6 Little-Known Health Uses for Iodine
Jan 14 2016
health uses for iodine
There are many commercial applications and uses for iodine and iodine derivatives, but did you know that there are health and medical uses as well?...
How Iodine Functions as a Catalyst
Jan 8 2016
Iodine as a catalyst
Iodine has a number of uses in a variety of important industries. In the medical field, iodine is used in the production of iodinated contrast...
5 Ways Iodine Derivatives Keep Crops Healthy
Dec 21 2015
iodine derivatives and crops
You probably know humans need iodine for several reasons, but did you know that iodine derivatives are readily used in agriculture? Iodine...
Infographic: How You Consume Iodine
Nov 13 2015
how humans get enough iodine
Iodine Consumption Infographic Most people know that they get iodine through the table salt that they buy at the grocery store. What they may not...
Ajay-SQM Attended CPhI Worldwide 2015
Oct 20 2015
CPhI Worldwide 2015
CPhl Worldwide 2015 Big news! Ajay-SQM attended CPhI Worldwide 2015. This year's conference was held in Madrid, and we were very excited to meet...
From Old School Photography to LCD: Iodine Through the Ages
Oct 17 2015
Iodine Uses in Other Industries Over the past century, as science rapidly progressed and technology developed, iodine’s usefulness has remained a...
7 Awesome Chemical Reaction Examples
Oct 12 2015
7 awesome chemical reactions
From a lit match to a rusting metal car – chemical reactions occur around us every day. Sometimes these reactions produce pretty awesome effects....
Infographic: Common Iodide Sources and Uses
Oct 7 2015
Iodide Uses Infographic Iodides are used in all sorts of applications: from pharmaceuticals to cloud seeding, iodides are prevalent in our daily...
Common Iodide Uses
Sep 25 2015
When working with iodine, you're probably working with several derivatives as well. Most commercial iodine derivatives can be broken up into four...
3 Ways Iodine is Produced and Extracted
Sep 15 2015
iodine production and extraction
Did you know that iodine is one of the most scarce elements on Earth? It can be found in small quantities in rocks, soil, plants and the sea. The...
Growing Market For Iodine: Optical Polarizing Films
Mar 26 2015
Iodine in LCD screens
Iodine in Optical Polarizing Films Most likely you have a television, computer, cell phone, or gaming device LCD screen in your home. LCD panels...

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