6 Little-Known Health Uses for Iodine
Jan 14 2016

There are many commercial applications and uses for iodine and iodine derivatives, but did you know that there are health and medical uses as well? Check out how iodine and derivatives can be used to keep you healthy.

Medical Uses for Iodine

1. Amping Up Metabolism

Keeping metabolism strong is a prime way to balance the body, stay slim and healthy, boost energy, keep your mind sharp and beat disease. When the thyroid functions improperly, however, the metabolism suffers, slows and becomes unreliable, leading to a host of maladies. Iodine supplementation can help the thyroid gland function properly, which regulates metabolism. This in turn governs heart rate, weight, temperature, digestion and overall health.

2. Mitigating Exposure to Radiation

Radiation exposure can be very dangerous to the thyroid, but the quick administration of iodine can help reduce the harmful effects. Iodine can mitigate the buildup of radioactive substances in the thyroid, contributing to quicker healing and healthier functioning after exposure. Nascent iodine may be the most effective form in which to deliver the substance, since the body can absorb it readily.

3. Providing Antioxidant Properties

Free radicals in the body can cause chain reactions that result in poor health, harm the body on the cellular level, damage DNA and generally contribute to a shorter lifespan. Common antioxidants include vitamin C, folic acid and Coenzyme Q10, but iodine may be just as effective at fighting free radical activity. It is especially effective at fighting free radicals and oxidative damage in the blood.

4. Protecting Children’s Health

Iodine deficiency can be devastating in children, leading to mental illness, physical development issues and other types of disability. When mothers don’t get enough iodine during pregnancy, neurocognitive and physical conditions can result. Sometimes, a severe enough lack can even lead to stillborn deliveries. Lack of iodine in utero can result in growth inhibition for the young child, as well as disabilities related to speech and hearing.

5. Fighting Carcinogens

After its benefits for the thyroid – regulating metabolism and detoxifying it – iodine is probably most helpful as an anti-carcinogen. According to the Natural Medicine Journal, “The molecular effects of iodine as well as ongoing epidemiological evidence points to its probable role in prevention of cancers through its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, pro-differentiating and proapoptotic effects.”

Although the exact mechanisms through which iodine defeats cancer aren’t yet fully understood, it seems to shrink cancer cells and cause them to kill themselves off, enabling the body to replace cancerous cells with healthy, normal cells. The process seems to be especially effective in breast cancer.

6. Forging Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails and Teeth

As a crucial ingredient for bodily health, it is perhaps no surprise that iodine is also necessary to the formation of healthy bones, teeth, nails, hair and skin. People who suffer from weak hair or nails, brittle bones or bad skin can substantially mitigate these problems through regular supplementation with iodine.

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